What are we?

We are a regional conglomerate with over six decades of existence and diversified in multiple sectors, such as packaging production, beverage bottling, project development and capital management.

What do we do?

We are dedicated to the manufacturing and business development, alliances and integrations that promote business expansion and provide solutions that improve the lives of our customers, employees, and society alike.



At Diesco, we believe it’s always possible to develop new ways to positively impact our surroundings. That’s the passion behind everything we do, and to achieve results that are beneficial to everyone.

We are, by definition, resilient. Our philosophy is based on four pillars that encourage us to overcome hardships while maintaining a spirit of insatiable curiosity and seeking new things.

At Diesco we have adopted the mission of sowing the seed of innovation in all spheres of society, since it is only through it that we can create well-being in the present and fulfill the promise of a better future for all. In order to achieve our mission, we have since our inception set out to relentlessly and intelligently challenge convention. We always try to find new and better opportunities, and never fail in the face of difficulties, but extract the best from them, to turn them into growth, progress and the future. For this reason, we will always make our best resources available to all; to continue creating innovative projects that transform dreams into sustainable realities, today and tomorrow.

Diesco has two elements that stand out as a competitive advantage: the first is its corporate culture, its philosophy, its original perspective on business and, definitely, on life; the second is its human capital, those special talents who have understood, adopted and interpreted this culture and have made that group grow in a constant and unique, consistent and original way. Diesco is a family of people who, since its founder, have the advantage of being both visionary and factual, with this different point of view, this unpretentious ambition, this native and authentic social sense. A unique mix of audacious and persevering talents that do not adapt, that always challenge the limitations of their environment, in an insatiable search for new possibilities, to capitalize on them with diligence, ability and persistence, always and infallibly in search of a win win perspective, towards a change that builds new and better realities for all.

The first to respond to Diesco's call will be those who do not take anything for granted, who do not stop approaching life and new challenges with the curiosity of the apprentice. Authentic and young at heart people, passionate about the “yes”, who have the real conviction that tomorrow can always be better. A new generation, born leaders and influencers, who do not let others play for them; rather, they are the ones who challenge the status quo to the right extent, to change the current rules of the game, in favor of progress and growth.

Every time Diesco speaks, relates and interacts, it has to perceive itself as clear and distinctive in his communication style, its personal tone and its code of behavior. "Craftsman of the new, architect of value" is a definition that encapsulates the most important and distinctive characteristics of the Diesco style. That is characterized, differentiated and recognized for being always original, factual and detailed: like the craftsman, who imposes his own stamp with passion, who forges with love and dedication new and increasingly different forms, and, therefore, authentic, unique, inimitable.


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“At diesco, we believe it’s always possible to find new ways to positively impact our surroundings”