At Diesco, we have implemented plans for support and contribution to transform the communities and countries where our companies are located, considering the individual and needs of each one.

Dominican Republic

We began by implementing a 5-year reform project, aimed at more than 4,500 people in Villas Agrícolas, a community near our company Polyplas Dominicana, based on our 4 core values.

The core value programs that act on the sustainable development of our communities:


Hand in hand, experience and leadership deliver results

To achieve these goals and develop all these programs, we have made two important alliances: one with the Dominican consulting firm ENTRENA, an organization that throughout their 12 years of experience has carried out programs in both the Dominican Republic and Central America to great success; and with the United States Agency for International Development, USAID, which supports us as co-sponsors for the development of Villas Agrícolas in the Dominican Republic.

The other help we’ve received during field work from recognized institutions such as:

Puerto Rico

Cristalia with you

The last few years have been very difficult and challenging for Puerto Rico, which has had to repeatedly suffer the inclemencies of nature — hurricanes, storms, earthquakes, droughts, rationing, etc.

Pac Tech International, aware that it produces and bottles water, one of life’s most basic needs, decided to genuinely assume its responsibility towards Puerto Ricans: to serve them and provide them this source of life at the time they needed it the most.

This is how the creation an implementation of the innovative program ¨Cristalia Contigo¨ emerges. through which thousands of affected Puerto Rican families were able to have access to drinking water.

Donación en lugares menos privilegiados en tiempos de COVID

Donation in less privileged places in times of COVID

Activity in Peñuelas after Earthquake

Cristalia Action after the passage of Hurricane María:

Making A Difference:

Tools For Life

The impact generated by our training programs is based on the 8 Keys to Excellence and 5 Life Skills workshops, where participants acquire skills and tools that can help them to actively face life problems and manage their emotions / aspirations, making a difference in their community life.

I love to learn and study

With the aim of creating a solid foundation for educational development, we created the “Quantum Learning”, “Spaces to grow” & “Supercamp” programs, aimed at children and teenagers who have been discouraged from completing their studies, as well as the teachers and families of our collaborators and communities. These programs aim to reduce the number of school dropouts, accelerate the educational process, and encourage them to learn, thus obtaining better results. Estos programas tienen como objetivos el evitar la deserción escolar, acelerar el proceso educativo, aumentar la retención de contenido y motivar el aprendizaje, obteniendo mejores resultados.

I want to be self-sufficient

Employability and action

By identifying available and suitable openings in our companies, and collaborating with technical schools, we give young people the opportunity to become specialized in different areas, find employment, grow and continue their personal development, in order to take them off the streets and promote their self-sustainability


The sustainable transformation as a result of all our initiatives towards young people is made possible by identifying and creating a network of born leaders in the communities we belong to, those who show a strong commitment to ensure the evolution of our programs and their participants. A network of over 150 leaders has been created, and it will continue growing until it becomes a transforming union in this community. En su etapa inicial, se ha ido creando una red con más de 150 líderes, la cual irá evolucionando hasta convertirse en un gremio transformador, en esta comunidad.

Safe community:

I live and work in a safe community: ICITAP

Sponsored by Polyplas Dominicana, Villas Agrícolas is the pilot site in the Dominican Republic, of America’s ICITAP program, where a specific management plan for the community and its needs will be developed after a survey, in order to minimize crime and provide security to the area through the intensive training of security personnel and volunteers through seminars and workshops, classroom training, internships and donations of technological equipment.


A door towards a new community

These plans are based on an analysis of the needs (SWOT) of the communities to which we belong, establishing goals and a budget, followed by a plan towards implementation and continuity, thus achieving sustainability. In addition, the program includes training in conflict mediation, effective communication and promotion for the development of its execution, taking into account all the needs of the community. Además, el programa incluye la formación en mediación de conflictos, comunicación efectiva y promocional para desarrollo de su ejecución tomando todas las necesidades de la misma comunidad.