How do we at Diesco fight COVID-19?

Although we at Diesco experienced the fear and uncertainty that this new challenge was presenting to us; we took hold of our past battles won, which reminded us that together we are invincible. We come together as a team and we resist being paralyzed; we are filled with courage and determination to take firm steps in search of alternatives.

The emergence of COVID-19 was something that no country was prepared for. Words such as: Pandemic, Quarantine, Social Distancing, Prevention and Contagion, became part of our daily vocabulary. Suddenly we began to live a new reality, something never experienced by our generations, where we had to face an uncertain global emergency situation, which was affecting our daily lives in work, social and family life.


Although we at Diesco felt the fear and uncertainty that this new challenge was presenting us; we rooted in the experiences of our past battles won, which reminded us that together we are strong. We come together as a team and we resist being paralyzed; We are filled with courage and determination to take firm steps in search of alternatives, since because of our responsibility to the country and our clients we could not stop, but continue.


Since the beginning of the crisis, all our collaborators, Directors, Managers and Supervisors, aligned and empowered themselves in developing and implementing measures to face this situation based on -FIRST THE PEOPLE-, trying to guarantee the integrity and health, both physical and mental and emotional of our employees and their families, of our clients and suppliers and of the whole society in general. This effort was focused on two main aspects:


Guarantee the durability of each of the positions of our collaborators, through being able to ensure the stability of all the operations and tasks of the group.


Implement occupational safety measures established by local and international organizations, with special attention to the most vulnerable people and maintaining safe spaces with all the protocols of social distancing and hygiene recommended by the reference institutions, to prevent all possibilities of contagion from our people.


Similarly, when the entry of the Coronavirus into our country was imminent, a Multidisciplinary Group was immediately formed with all the decision-making and execution capacity, which would evaluate and coordinate the company’s steps day after day and be able to guarantee the achievement of the established objectives, a group that continues to meet day by day, in order to maintain a healthy environment, ensuring the integrity and health of all.





We created awareness in all our collaborators by sharing relevant information that the WHO and the MSP had established for contagion prevention. We established mandatory temperature monitoring of everyone who entered our facilities, use of disinfectant gel, mask at all times and social distancing of 2 meters between people. As well as increasing the frequency of cleaning with products approved for this task with high alcohol content.

We established a strict visitor policy. Remote communication and videoconferencing systems for meetings. As well as working remotely if your role allows it and your health situation is high risk. At the same time, all institutional events and activities were postponed.

Medical dispensary, doctors, nurses

Remote Work

Reduction of contact between workers by eliminating face-to-face meetings, implementation of remote work, establishment of alternate work shifts, etc.

Automation of processes and digital signatures to avoid contagion.

Training in collaborative work tools / Microsofot Teams virtual workshop and Tips to lead teams remotely.

Accompaniment to the leaders to define the functional work plan in a virtual way. Approach to ensure the well-being of the team. EMPATHY.


Inform And Develop

Information campaign, constant deployment and communication by core. CLEAR-TIMELY-SIMPLE-HOPE.

Signage campaign related to Covid-19, policy that workers, with exposure to positive cases, remain at home.

Training on the correct use of masks and gloves, including their final disposal. Keep distance.

Coordination of participation in Webinars according to the interest of the collaborator and development needs.

Access protocols for contractors and visitors

Commercial Protocol

Risk and precaution workshops.

First aid and psychological training.


Vaccination Centers And Campaigns

Execution of a massive voluntary vaccination campaign for all Pac Tech International personnel, in Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic.

Coordination of joint actions with the Ministry of Health of the Dominican Republic, enabling vaccination centers in our Termopac Industrial office and in the Los Pioneros Club behind Polyplas Dominicana.

Development and execution of information campaigns on the availability of vaccination in group companies in the Dominican Republic.

Extension of the benefit of vaccination in the centers of the companies to the members of the family nucleus of the employees.


Recognition And Appreciation

THANKS TO YOU campaign.

Policy of gratitude to cases of empathy (notification in the presence of symptoms or positive direct family member).

Virtual meetings with the CEO and the different groups to thank the support.

Video with the photos of the Vice Presidents, Directors and Managers with a sign thanking all the staff.

Daily monitoring meetings to act in support of those who require it.


This lucidity and speed of effective responses to face the COVID situation, combined with the ability to implement new solutions and the high standard of loyalty and commitment that each of the collaborators has with the company and our nations, we were able to guarantee supply of our products, some of which are classified as basic necessities, to all the peoples in the most critical and disconcerting moments of this crisis; which has been a great motivation to continue giving the extra mile.


At present, we continue to work hand in hand with the different economic sectors to which our businesses belong, so that, in conjunction with government organizations, we continue to make possible the reopening and economic sustainability in a phased manner, always emphasizing that health is what first.


Day by day we exhort and encourage each other to continue to be cautious; to respect the preventive measures and recommendations that have been dictated by national and international organizations to reduce the spread of this virus, and that benefit our health and the health of our families and communities. At Diesco we do not lower our guard!





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